Do you participate in software testing conferences? Since a lot of them had to adapt to the new reality and moved online, I want to share with you two interesting articles on this matter that I've found this week.

The first one is about presenting. Viv Richards has recently given his debut online talk on DevTalks conference and shared interesting insights about his experience from that event. Is it better than presenting in-person? Find out for yourself.

On the other side, when you're a listener, it's all about what you take away. I think no one is better at that than Louise Gibbs who makes great sketchnotes from all the events she attends. They're simple, visual and effective. And best yet, she's just revealed her secret of how to create them.

So if you haven't been to any conference yet, I think it won't get any easier to attend one. Your move!

Dawid Dylowicz  






Mystery solved! 😱