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You can read more about the reasoning behind sponsorship.

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The reasoning behind sponsorship

Hey, I'm Dawid.

I created Software Testing Weekly with a mission to make the best software testing news easily accessible to everyone. As a curator, my mission is to build trust by objectively picking the news every week.

For every issue, I select only about 20 pieces of content from over 400 sources that I follow. I always aim for the highest quality news that deliver great value to me and to my readers.

However, to stay trustworthy and avoid favouring one business over the other, I rarely include content coming from for-profit businesses, especially when it includes self-promotion.

So I've launched the sponsorship links as the only guaranteed way for getting such content featured. This creates a great opportunity for businesses to connect with my audience while preserving readers' trust in my curation.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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