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You can read more about the reasoning behind this sponsorship program.

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The reasoning behind sponsorship

Hey, I'm Dawid.

I created Software Testing Weekly with a mission to make the best news on software testing easily accessible to everyone. As a curator, my mission is to build trust by objectively selecting these news every week.

For every issue, I pick only around 15 pieces of content from over 400 sources that I follow. My choice is based subjectively on what I like and objectively on what my readers may like as well.

However, to stay trustworthy and avoid favouring one business over the other, I rarely include content coming from for-profit businesses, especially when it includes self-promotion of paid services.

So I've launched the sponsorship as the only guaranteed way for getting your content featured. This creates a great opportunity for businesses to connect with my audience while preserving readers trust in the objectivity of my curation.

Thank you for understanding and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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