I think I'm done with QA — not my words, don't worry. It's a title of a recent Reddit thread that got a lot of attention (along with this one).

What happened there? Someone with 20 years of experience in the field has enough of "getting blamed for everything going wrong" and is thinking of moving to another role. There are a lot of comments with a similar vibe, too.

First of all, after 20 years you might have enough of any role — no doubt about it. It's natural to change jobs, roles, or even careers. The point is to make it your choice, not a forced one.

Secondly, let's break down the "getting blamed" part. This is a common problem with QA but it shouldn't be like that at all. I believe it's coming from the traditional waterfall approach that many big companies are still stuck in. When things take more time than estimated (they usually do), it puts pressure on the last phase — testing. No wonder we, testers, get stressed and have enough when blamed for mistakes we don't even own.

How to fix that? First of all, we need to be vocal about it. Talk to our peers and the management. Make the problem visible — chances are that they don't see it. Talk about how the process can be improved and the responsibilities redefined. If that doesn't bring any results, looking for another role, team or company might be the right choice.

Let me stress this out: The problem is not within a QA role. The problem is within an organisation that has bad practices and unclear QA responsibilities that, in result, put unnecessary pressure on testers.

Dawid Dylowicz