Welcome to the 16th issue of Software Testing Weekly!

After months of waiting, the amazing State of Testing 2020 report has finally been published! Although each page is already well analysed, I want to add my two cents.

One visible trend is that testers are performing testing activities less often (page 6). "It's bad!" — you may say. But not necessarily. As you can see in the further parts of the report, growing automation (page 27) is helping us be more efficient in testing. At the same time, we delegate more testing to others (page 23). All that gives us, testers, more time to expand our roles into other areas.

What worries me, however, is the downward trend of testers with 0-2 years of experience (page 7). Does it mean we have less new testers year after year? I'm afraid so. But I believe we can revert this trend and this is partially my job now.

PS. Massive thanks to PractiTest and Tea-Time with Testers for organising the survey and putting together the results.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dawid Dylowicz