Happy Valentine's day! ❀️

Two things from me this week:

1/ In the 70s, Japan created great quality products. At the same time, the quality of US products declined. Japanese's success is credited to one man β€” Dr. W. Edwards Deming β€” the father of quality management. This week, I've stumbled upon this great documentary from 1980 titled If Japan can, why can't we?. While not directly related to software testing, it gives amazing insights into how management style, worker's satisfaction and statistical analysis can contribute to increased production and a higher quality of the product.

2/ Just a week ago we laughed at Iowa Democratic Caucus app debacle, but now it's about something more serious. Boeing is having a really bad time. Last year, the infamous 737 MAX airplanes crashes killed 346 people. Last week, their Starliner crew module was close to a disaster. Both are said to be due to software errors. As NASA says about the latter: "There were numerous instances where the Boeing software quality processes either should have or could have uncovered the defects.".

TL;DR: Testing is important, but building the quality in is crucial. πŸ™

Dawid Dylowicz