Welcome to the 5th issue of Software Testing Weekly! 🙌

This week we've had plenty of great updates — mainly on test automation. But before we move on to them, there's one funny news I want to share with you.

You probably know that there's election season going on in the US. We're in 2020, and obviously, technology is used to help parties connect with voters and get the votes, too. But what if technology fails?

The Democratic Party primary in Iowa is making headlines for all the wrong reasons after an app designed to tally delegates failed, delaying results for the first primary of the 2020 Presidential primary season by nearly 24 hours.

So, what caused the Iowa Democratic Caucus app debacle? Too little software testing, it turns out! And I just love how confident this guy is in this video. Hilarious! 😂

So if you don't want your software to end up like this, check out the great links in this issue and, as always, spread the word on Twitter to help others discover it.

Have a great weekend! 😊

Dawid Dylowicz