Welcome to the 66th issue!

This week, I stumbled upon a series of interviews with QA Leads by Helena Hrubesova.

The main theme was whether you need a tech background (or a degree) to become a successful software tester.

This made me think.

I know many successful testers. How many of them have a degree in computer science, or any engineering field?

Not many, to my surprise. But should I really be surprised?

I did Master's degree in Computer Science. And yes, it helped me learn about software engineering. It helped me get my first internship, too.

But did it really prepare me well for a career in software testing?

Not so much, I'd say. Because 80% of the knowledge I have now comes from what I learned at work, not at the university.

And I agree with what Christopher Null wrote in the article about Computer Science degrees.

That nowadays, you have plenty of places to learn from. And that bootcamps became the opposite of most universities. They teach you the very things you're going to use at work.

So tech background — in terms of training — can help. But a tech degree? Not so much.

For the most part, it's the skill that matters.

Happy testing!

Dawid Dylowicz  







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