Learning can be a tough process sometimes.

But gamification is a way to make learning fun.

So I took a look at how learning software testing can be gamified.

Apart from the typical ones such as jigsaws, puzzles and even memory games which can improve your cognitive abilities that are so important in software testing, some are specifically for software testers.

One cool game I found is Can't Unsee where you have to choose between two UI designs. It's a brilliant one to check your perception skills.

There are card games, too. Such as TestSphere and Would Hue-Risk It? — great for playing in a group, for example on meet-ups or conferences.

And then we have the 30 days of testing challenges that I mentioned a few weeks ago and which are some sort of gamification, too.

Do you know more ways to gamify learning about software testing? Let me know!

Dawid Dylowicz