Welcome to the 64th issue!

Dave Verwer and his team have just published the results of the great iOS Dev Survey. But what interests me the most is the part about Testing and CI/CD on iOS.

First of all, this survey is mostly taken by iOS developers rather than testers, so keep that in mind when analysing the results.

Given that, I was surprised to find out that manual testing is valued as much or even more than automated testing. And only 0.9% of responders think it can be replaced by automated testing.

Having tested mobile apps for a few years myself, I agree with that. Automation can help immensely though it won't replace the human factor in exploratory testing or evaluating how the app feels like. But it's interesting to see such decisive statements from developers, too.

There are some other great insights in this survey, so I'd recommend checking it out if you're interested in testing on iOS.

Happy testing!

Dawid Dylowicz  




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