Welcome everyone! 🙌

It's Friday again (time flies, right?) and I'm back with the third issue of Software Testing Weekly!

The great thing about preparing this newsletter is that I discover really amazing resources during my research.

I was surprised to find Manning publications this week (about time, I know). I'm even more surprised by the free book samples that they share. But finding the whole book about unit testing published there for free?! It blew my mind! It's called Unit Testing Principles, Practices and Patterns by Vladimir Khorikov and you can read it here.

Another wonderful thing I've found is this excellent wrap-up of UI testing best practices by Stefano Magni. It's all nicely laid out, and it's open-source - meaning you can contribute to it too. I love it!

Last but not least, a friendly reminder that you can submit a link for the next issue. You can also follow this page on Twitter.

Enjoy the read!

Dawid Dylowicz