As I mentioned a few months ago, Starliner — a space ship from Boeing — had serious problems during its first unmanned Orbital Flight Test that nearly led to complete destruction of the capsule.

This week's investigation report from NASA shows that one of the main reasons leading to the mission's failure was insufficient testing. How insufficient? They performed a lot of small tests (unit and component) but they haven't done A SINGLE end-to-end test prior to the start! 🤯

I know this actually is rocket science and things going on there on both software and hardware levels are far from what most of us face every day, but neglecting an end-to-end test in such a critical project is beyond my understanding. And imagine they were supposed to put a crew into that space ship in one of the following missions...

PS. Want to test your software testing knowledge? Try solving this crossword puzzle! 😉

Dawid Dylowicz