Welcome to the special 200th issue!

I'm stunned it's been 4 years already and there are over 7,000 of you!

I want to wholeheartedly thank every single one of you.

I also want to congratulate over 1,500 authors whose content I've featured over the years.

And finally, huge thanks to the 63 sponsors who have supported this newsletter so far, especially Testmo, Vornex, Mabl, Mailsac, MagicPod, Applitools, PractiTest and Testsigma.

That wouldn't be possible without your consistent support.

Thank you very, very much! 🙏

To celebrate all these milestones, I'm sharing some of your and mine favourite news from 2023.

Enjoy, and happy testing! 🙂

Dawid Dylowicz  



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Test environment... 😂


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