Welcome to the 20th issue of Software Testing Weekly!

It's been an amazing 20-week journey of delivering you only the best software testing news and I can only hope for more! Thank you very much for subscribing, reading and getting in touch. It means a lot to me and to the authors of those great resources that I link to every single week. πŸ™Œ

Someone asked on Reddit whether Selenium is dead. The post got a few answers and the general feeling is that no β€” it's not dead. Selenium is one of the best known and longest supported web testing tools with a chance of becoming a W3C standard. However, in recent years there was a rise of modern JavaScript-based testing tools β€” Cypress, TestCafe and Playwright to name a few. But it doesn't mean one has to replace the other. It's a healthy competition that gives us more high-quality tools that we can choose from. Just remember, as a tester your primary focus is to select the tool wisely, according to the problem at hand. Despite Jeremy Clarkson's belief, a hammer is not the ultimate tool. 😊

From other news, Zerodium β€” a company that pays out big money for finding software exploits β€” has recently announced that it's going to stop buying the iOS exploits due to oversupply. Yes, you read correctly. iOS 13 has been very buggy and it looks like the security researchers confirm this case. As an iOS user, I find the news disturbing. I don't expect Apple to publicly reply but I hope for the best response they can give β€” make the next version of iOS stable and secure. And with their new development process, this is likely to come.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dawid Dylowicz