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Today, I want to share with you some recent developments about Cypress.

Everything started three months ago with an unverified Reddit post where someone shared an opinion on the potential problems at Cypress.

I remember seeing that thread back then, but refrained from amplifying it as it didn't seem credible enough (unlike the Cucumber case).

But that changed last week when none other than Gleb Bahmutov — one of Cypress' creators and ex-employees — also expressed his dissatisfaction with the company's direction.

That post stirred a big discussion on Twitter, prompting another former Cypress lead developer, Jessica Sachs, to also share her thoughts.

So, what's really happening at Cypress? We can only guess at this point, as I don't expect the company to refer to the revelations publicly.

First, I recommend reading Filip Hric's article summarising the current situation: Cypress panic (if there even is one).

Secondly, let's wait for more insights from Gleb.

And finally, remember that Cypress is primarily a powerful, open-source tool. And that's unlikely to change overnight, regardless of the company's situation.

So, happy testing! 🙂

PS. Unfortunately, due to recent restrictions on Medium, I made a tough decision to stop featuring member-only articles from that platform. I shared more details in this LinkedIn post.

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